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“I’ve had the absolute fortune and pleasure of working with ILMD to create my website & design my entire marketing platform. Words cannot express my gratitude for the exceptional quality Mikey and the entire ILMD team brings. Not only did the team take the time to foster a deep understanding of who I am, what I want people to see and know about my business, but they absolutely executed every step in a timely and professional way.


Colleagues and friends who have personally known me for years commented that the website feels exactly like the person I am and the product I deliver. Everything Mikey & the team did for me resonates deeply with who I am and what I deliver through my business. From day one, the approach has been both personal & seamless. Every member of ILMD is professional, respectful and simultaneously super fun to work with! From consulting on website design to beautiful photography & breathtaking videography I felt like I was in the best hands possible. 


Since my website launched, ILMD’s support and delivery has led to enormous demand, and I could not be happier to have worked with them to launch my business. As my business grows, ILMD continues to support my needs and I am beyond blessed to have them to go to when any additional needs come up. Knowing that what future clients see through my website and branding is exactly what I want them to see brings enormous value. I owe Mikey and the team not just my success, but also the joy that comes everyday to be able to do something I love in the way I love to do. 


Thank you, Mikey & ILMD for everything you have done for me!”

– Tina Godwin, Mindful Medicine